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Submitted Theses

MT = Master Thesis, BT = Bachelor Thesis

Niklas Eschner

Effects of Corporate Incubation Models: A Qualitative Literature Review  2018  BT
Effects of Entrepreneurial Orientation: Evaluating Non-Financial Outcomes  2019  MT
The Effect of Service Calls: Combining Construal Level Theory and Customer Churn Prediction  2019  MT
Effective Business Model Hypotheses Testing: The Case of CoffeeCup  2020  BT

Christopher Henkel

Developing an Institutional Logic for Pro-Environmental Behavior: A Category Based Approach  2016  BT
Green IS and Individual Pro-Environmental Behavior – Implications for Ecologically Sustainable Decision Processes [Sensemaking]  2016  BT
Green IS Design Principles - The Role of Emotions  2017  MT
Firm Performance and Environmental Sustainability - The Impact of Information Systems in Organizations  2017  MT
The Digitization of Political Campaigning - Use and Role of Gamification in the German Federal Election Campaigns  2017  BT
Affordance Actualization - A Review and Synthesis of Current IS Research  2018  BT
Added Value of Digital Products in the Publishing Industry Using Design Science Research  2019  MT
Human-Centric-Design Research Applied to not One but Multiple Users in the form of Collaboration Information Systems - A new Way of doing Science by the DIY Biology Community  2019  MT

Anne Ixmeier

Mobility as a Service with Blockchain: Options and Challenges  2018  MT
The Sharing Economy's Ecological Sustainability - A Literature Synthesis and Business Model Taxonomy  2018  MT
Sustainability Potential of Blockchain Technology for the Reverse Supply Chain  2018  BT
State of Knowledge and Implementation of Cicrular Economy Principles in Consumer Electronics Companies  2019  BT
Blockchain Technology's Potential for more Sustainable Supply Chains and Determinants for its Adoption  2019  BT
Status of Awareness and Implementation of Circular Economy Principles in Organizations - An Analysis of the Automobile Industry  2019  BT
Circular Economy in the Manufacturing Industry - Barriers of Organizational Adoption  2019  MT
Supply Chain Sustainability in the Semiconductor Industry: The Role of Forecast Accuracy  2019  BT
Literature Review on the Contribution of Goal Framing Theory to Sustainability Research  2020  BT
How digital nudging encourages pro-environmental behavior – Development of a taxonomy  2020  BT
What drives consumers’ willingness to engage in sustainable subscription models? A quantitative analysis  2021  MT

Isabel Laux

Design Thinking zur Gestaltung digitaler Innovationen – Hype oder durchdachter Lösungsansatz?  2018  BT
Scaling Agile Methods - A Systematic Literature Review and Comparison of Existing Approaches  2018  BT
Der Einfluss von Scrum Rollen auf den Projekterfolg unter Einbezug der Innovationsleistung  2018  BT
The Role of the Customer in Agile Software Development  2019  BT
Scaling Agile Sotfware Development: Challenges of Inter-Team Coordination in a Multi-Team and Multi-Method Setting  2020  MT
Ein systematischer Literaturüberblick über hybride Softwarentwicklungsmethoden  2020  BT
Knowledge Sharing in Software Development  2020  BT
Citation Analysis on Agile Methods – A Study on Past and Current Trend  2020  BT

Herausforderungen der Skalierung agiler Methoden bei der Entwicklung von Sicherheitssoftware - Erkenntnisse aus dem Bankensektor

 2020  BT
Agile in times of pandemic - method adjustments caused by unintentionally distributed teams  2020  BT

Stefan Mager

A Descriptive Analysis of the Consent Notices of the Most Visited Websites in Germany  2019  BT
A Systematic Literature Review and Categorization of Valuation Models and Theories for the Monetary Valuation of Data Resources  2019  BT
Data Portability Practices and Service-Interoperability Design - A Mixed Methods Analysis of Stakeholder Responses to the Requirements of GDPR Article 20  2020  MT
Technology Acceptance and Usage of Cloud- and Edge-Computing Based Smart (Voice) Assistants in B2B Sectors – A Literature Review and Research Agenda  2020  BT
Development and evaluation of an open source conversational agent prototype with edge computing architecture – a design science research project  2020  MT

Esther Nagel

Evaluating a Ride-Sharing Platform - The Case of BlaBlaCar  2017  MT
Ecosystems in the Video Game Industry: Factors Determining Game Developers’ Choice of Video Console Platforms  2017  BT
Unersuchung der Offenheit von Plattformen im Smart Speaker Markt  2018  BT
Engaging with the “HODL Gang” – How Issuers Use Social Media Platforms in Initial Coin Offerings  2018  BT
Die Akzeptanz von Blockchain und Kryptowährungen - eine systematische Literaturanalyse  2018  BT
Rethinking Platform Ecosystem Management in eHealth – Insights from Initial Coin Offerings  2018  BT
ICO Success Factors  2019  MT
Blockchain Protocol Design and Ecosystem Building – A Governance and Technology Perspective  2019  MT
Auf den Spuren Satoshi Nakamotos - Zitationsanalyse zur Identifizeriung von Trends in der Blockchain-Forschung  2019  BT
Analyse zur zeitlichen Entwicklung der Informationsverfügbarkeit in Blockchain Token Sale White Papers  2019  BT
Factors of Industry 4.0 Adoption: Insights from an Industry Survey  2019  BT
Trends in Blockchain Technology Research: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Ethereum White Paper  2019  BT
Exploring Rhetoric in Blockchain Token Sale White Papers - On Examination with Computer-Aided Text Analysis  2020  MT
A Review of Security Token Offerings as a Novel Financing Scheme for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises  2020  BT

Rainer Wittmann

Influence of Team and Advisor Network on ICO Success  2020  MT
Wie Affordances und Blockchain-Charakteristika die Adoptionsentscheidung beeinflussen. Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel der Diamantindustrie  2020  BT
Der Einfluss von Social-Media auf die Marktkapitalisierung von Blockchainbasierten Krypto-Token  2020  BT
Drivers and Challanges of Implementing Blockchain Technology in the Supply Chain  2020  MT
Literature Review on User Resistance to Information Systems in Corporations  2020  BT