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Name: Häußinger, Felix (Founder von HomeZen)
Dissertation: Studies on Information Security Awareness (2015)

Name: Urbanke, Patrick
Dissertation: Essays on Predictive Analytics in E-Commerce (2016)

Name: Henkel, Christopher
Dissertation: Green IS and Pro-Environmental Behavior:Essayson theImpactof Persuasive Information Systemson Individual and Organizational Behavioral Change (2019)

Name: Eschner, Niklas
Dissertation: Studies on the Micro-Foundations ofBusiness Model Design (2020)

Name: Nagel, Ether
Dissertation: Essays on the Diffusion and Implications of Blockchain Technology (2020)

Name: Laux, Isabel
Dissertation: Agile Methods in Software Development – Essays on Impacts for Teams (2021)

Name: Mager, Stefan
Dissertation: The Private and Social Value of Personal Data Sharing: Essays on the Role of Preferences, Regulations and Technology (2021)